Basslog Changes

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Basslog Changes

Published on November 5, 2010

In order to encourage more posts, the Basslog has gone through some recent changes. The first major change is that it has been made available to the public. So now it is available to anyone who visits This will boost the number of posts and the diversity of users. With more users entering data from more locations, the data will become more accurate, more comprehensive and more valuable.
Since the Basslog has been broadened to the entire public, some of the security restrictions have been lifted. Previously, you needed a BASS Insider membership and login in order to access the database. Security was on a session basis, so after 30 minutes or so, it would time out and require a new login the next time you wanted to use it. Now that it has gone public, we have moved to a "cookie" based security system. This means that your login information is stored on your local machine, and anytime you go to the website, it will automatically log you in.

The information is still secure in that it requires validation from your e-mail address before you can access your information. When you register or have the system send you your password, it will automatically send you a unique 8-character password to the e-mail address where you registered. Once you enter your credentials, it will set the cookies on your local machine and you will not have to log in again unless you change computers or clear your cookies.
Another major change makes entering data much quicker than it was previously. The drop downs are now populated with default values from previous posts. If you post on a regular basis, most of the drop downs will already have values. So, you aren't required to make changes to the selections unless something changed. The lists are intuitive and most items will either be selected already or will be near the top of the list. You no longer have to scroll through an entire list whenever you make a post. Select "Enter my data" in the Basslog and you'll see how much easier it is.

The third main enhancement to the Basslog is monthly/weekly reminders. Reminders will be e-mailed to Basslog members on a monthly basis. For those who fish every week, you can choose the option to have reminders sent to you every week. This will certainly help to get more posts and have more accurate data.

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