Real-Time Fishing Report

Fishing Report for Large Pond (by quality). show by quantity

Recommended gameplan for Large Pond
Time of day Lure Structure
sunup to 9:00AM clear/blue small topwater popper 0 to 5 ft treeline with submerged vegetation
9:01AM - 12:00PM Alabama craw unskirted jig with worm body 1 to 2 inch body weight less than 1/4 oz 0 to 5 ft treeline with no obvious cover
Top lures for Large Pond (8/13/19-9/22/19)
Top lures Best color(s)
1. small topwater popper
  1. clear/blue
2. unskirted jig with worm body
  1. Alabama craw
Top locations for Large Pond (8/13/19-9/22/19)
Top structure & depth Top cover
1. treeline (0 to 5 ft)
  1. no obvious cover
  2. submerged vegetation
Summary for Large Pond (8/13/19-9/22/19)
Best Time Best water clarity Best water temp Best sky condition
sunup to 9:00AM muddy ( 0 - 1 ft visibility) 81 to 85 degrees rainy