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Hands down the most knowledgeable and overall complete fishing guide I have ever had. I now plan on making annual visits to Lake Fork to guide with Richie White during the spawning season!!
Richie White is a superior bass fishing quide
Richie did a great job. We had a big fish on a bed and he would not give up to the fish. Finally caught her at 7:00 pm. She was 10 pounds. Very exciting time. Richie does know his stuff, I would recommend Richie White Guide service. Highly.
Richie did a great job! Putting us on big bass taking photos and making a video also. My son and I will never forget the two days on the water with Richie. No better way to fish Texas big bass we will fish with Richie again.
Richie has a friendly personality that is comfortable to learn new fishing tips. I have always enjoyed all of the fishing trips that I have been on with Richie where lots of fish were caught along with some BIG fish.
First Class!! This was my 5th trip to Lake Fork to fish with Ritchie! His knowledge of sight fishing is awesome!! We fished two days, and I was able to land 7 bass,with four weighing in at 8lbs!! It's more like fishing with a good friend now! I'm already planning my next trip to fish Lake Fork, and share another awesome fishing experience with Ritchie!!
if you want to catch fish and learn a lot more than you probably know, then this is your guide.
Richie White was a true professional with my wife and I on our trip with him. Very informative and spent tons of time teaching me better ways to locate fish with a fishfinder. I have fished with many good guides and would recommend Richie to anyone looking for a great day on the water.
caught a lot of sand bass and black bass. biggest was 9 pounds.
Richie will share his experience and opinions without ever pushing his clients into doing something they don't feel comfortable with. He is knowledgeable without acting like a know-it-all. Whether you are after quantity or quality, or a little of both, he can tailor your day to maximize your potential for a successful trip.
Richie really cares that his clients have a good experience. He never seems like he is just going through the motions. Some guides spend half of the day playing with their cell phones. Richie would never do that. I have caught 4 of my 5 biggest bass of the year with Richie. He is the best guide I have hired.
Amazing day, caught over 100 bass in 5 hours, and Richie got me on a bass that broke a 25lb test line. If you want a great day on the lake. Richie is the MAN.
Thank you for a great trip - the numbers more than made up for the size - that was a blast. The weather couldn't have been better for me! I learned much about reading the new electronics and how to use it to determine if fish are more likely to feed in a given area than not. First actual spotted bass I have ever caught. We enjoyed the company and the experience - I'll keep going with you until I catch that double digit Bass!
This was my fourth trip fishing with Richie,and just like the previous trips, it was awesome!!His knowledge of bass fishing, from patterns to boat positioning is 1st class!! I'm already planning on at least three trips next year fishing with Richie!!!
Richie is a great guide. He knew where the fish were and knew when it was time to switch locations. He is also very personable, and we had an overall good day out on the lake hanging out.
Richie is the hardest working guide on lake fork! I have fished with him for over ten years with customers and friends! And he comes through every time . Book your trip with Richie White today!
My 12 y.o. son & I had a great time fishing with Richie! He put us on the fish, quick, and we were pulling them in almost as fast as we could get hooks in the water. We started with spinning reels, then Richie asked if we had used baitcasters before. He was an incredibly patient, understanding & helpful teacher, when we told him that we hadn't. My kid considered Lake Fork a "Bucket List" fishing trip and Richie made that trip everything that it could be for him, and that made it even better to me. Thanks again, Richie, for a great night of fishing.
Went with Richie night fishing. I wanted to learn what I would need to know to go myself in Oklahoma. He was very helpful I caught two nice fish right away. ( 6 lb. + ) he spent time with me telling me what I would look for at night. I have nice rods and reels, his were better than what I use, and worked perfect. I was worried about backlash and I had none. He change line on one reel, because he thought would be better for what I had requested. All around good guy. I went with him many years ago in the Spring, he put me on the biggest fish I have ever caught in fifty years of fishing. He can see fish that I could not.
Was a very enjoyable experience. Educational and unique. I'm sure every hard core bass fisherman has wondered what an all night fishing trip is like. Might as well go out with the best there is. Richie knows what he's doing.
Richie worked hard trying to keep us on the fish. I've fished with him before and I'll fish with him again.
Wow, what a great day of fishing. Richie was awesome.
This was my second trip fishing with Ritchie, and just like the first one, everything was first class!!! I,ve already booked a trip in June to fish at night with Ritchie!!
He knew the lake very well. We were fishing beds for big fish which was a new experience for me. He was all about helping me with technique for catching big bass on beds. He guided and I fished. He never wet a hook except to demonstrate a technique to help me land a fish on a bed. A nine pound bass in the boat makes for a good day in anyone's book! I was well pleased.
If its big fish or numbers of fish you are looking for, Richie is the guide for you. Richie is very friendly, easy going, and a patient teacher for those of us who are still learning. His "Guaranteed fish" promise is NO hype. My buddy and I each caught a 7.5 lb. bass and had the best time ever! I would recommend Richie again and again for beginners, intermediate and advanced anglers of all ages.
When I pay for a trip with Richie, I get to catch the fish instead of financing a trip for him to catch all the fish while I watch like some other guides I've fished with. He knows how to get YOU catching fish.
Richie is a first class guide. He is very knowledgeable about all type of bass fishing methods. I really enjoyed our trip he put us on some nice fish. Thanks Richie
RICHIE is a Superior Guide w/A+++++ Experience!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND* Thank you very much!!!
Richie works hard to get on the fish. I learned a few things about presentation of baits. He is very familiar with the lake and patterns. A day with him is very informative and a pleasant experience.
We were out on the water in cold weather and Ritchie knew just how to find the fish and get the fish to bite and we caught a lot of fish and some good fish too. I enjoyed my trip and will be going out with Ritchie again soon. Thanks Ritchie.
My son & I have fished private ponds all our lives,but we have always wanted to fish Lake Fork due to it's reputation for a chance to catch a bass of a lifetime. I researched a lot of different guides. Ritchie's website was by far the most informitive,thus making my decision to choose him easier with all the other choices available.As soon as we met him in person, I knew I had made the right choice. Every aspect of the day fishing with Ritchie was first class!I've already booked another trip to target a double digit bass with Ritchie!
Richie thank you so much for the trip. It was the best Birthday Present I could have ever given my Dad, We had a great time. Would recommend you to everybody. Thanks again. Steve Rambo
Great Guide. I learn some new techniques everytime I go out with Richie. Also a wonderful experience.
We had a very good time on our trip. The fish were a little slow due to a front moving through but Richie was very resourceful and we caught many fish. I would recomend Richie White to anyone and we will use him again. Thanks, Ken J.
Richie White is an excellent guide. He is very knowledgeable and experienced, and we caught fish. His rates are also very reasonable. I highly recommend Richie White as a fishing guide, and I will definitely use him again.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Ritchie White have been fishing with him for years. With clients and friends every time he comes through for my clients and friends! I have used others but he is the hardest working guide on Lake Fork! He can also teach you a lot about the seasonal pattern that you are able to fish. Jamie -Johns Creek, Georgia
Richie managed to help both my son and I to catch or largest bass ever. I was able to scratch this item from my Bucket List!!! Weather was perfect. I asked to catch large fish over numbers of fish and this was done. We did catch plenty to satisfy us also. (approx. 15). I very definitely would recommend this trip and guide to anyone. Thank you. The trip did not disappoint!! Bart Langford
Couldn't have been happier with the trip. Thanks, Richie.
The fishing started out tough, but Richie put us on some big fish. I had several nice bass with a 7 1/2 and a 10 1/2 pounder. I would call this an exceptional outcome of very a tough bite.
I have bass fished for most of my life, yet he still taught me many new aspects & techniques. His knowledge of the lake on daily patterns and changes proved to get us on numerous fish. My wife is fairly new to a baitcaster. He was very patient with her mistakes and helped her improve her cast. I highly recommend him.
I have used the services of six other Guides on Lake Fork over the years and Richie White is the only Guide that consistently produces the fish I am looking for........large, aggressive Bass! Thank you Richie.
Very knowledgable and was just as excited as we where when we caught fish.
Top notch equipment top notch guide great guy!
5 best almost 35 stop reading an start booking
Richie is a great guy and a great fisherman as well! My goal was for baby brother to catch his biggest fish ever. 2 hours into the trip he boated an 8lb bucket mouth and the rest was history. 3 days of relaxation and fun. 5 biggest fish close to 35lb! Brother had 3 chances at a fish even bigger as well! Richie knows the lake extremely well and knows how to put em in the boat! Our last day the fish just weren't biting no one was catching any bit he worked his butt off never gave up and made the day very enjoyable that to me was worth as much as chase getting his biggest fish of his life! Made a fishing buddy and friend for a lifetime! Thanks for all the fun and we will be back for that 10 we saw!
Broke my personal beat for the fifth time with Ritchie in 13 trips. He know his stuff.
Excellent sight fishing guide.
Great trip! Two fish over 8 Lbs, Two over 6 Lbs and one over 5 Lbs.
Richie is a very hard worker,he is the best guide i have ever fished with! I would recommend him to anyone.My son and i cant wait to go again next year
If you want to have a great time fishing Richie is the best.He will show you what your doing wrong and how to do it correct it. He is a great person and fisherman. Give him a try if u want a BIG BASS !
Enjoyed fishing with Richie - he worked hard getting us on fish and spent some extra time with us. He was great helping my 14 year old catch several nice bass on beds.
My third trip with Richie. My daughter and I had a great time and we both learned a lot about sight fishing and bass behavior. I will be fishing with Richie again as soon as I can.
Great trip for me & my Son, sight fishing with Richie was a great learning experience, caught some great fish, looking forward to our next trip with Richie.
He listened to what our goals of the trip were and delivered. He was pleasant and positive. He provided instructions to us in learning a new technique. Thanks for a great experience.
RIchie quickly adapted to the weather and fishing conditions to keep us on a variety of fish. He showed us a variety of techniques that we were not familiar with. He kept after it and got us on some big whites as well as a few big largemouths. Overall great day on the water.
Richie took us out for three days. During those three days the weather changed dramatically; sunny and clear, cloudy and cooling, and then very windy and very cold. With the changing weather, Richie worked very hard to put us on fish for each days condition. Richie gave great advice on fishing Lake Fork showing us his techniques but also allowing us time to try out things we though would work. Richie was a great guide and keep us fishing the entire time while he took care of everything. I would recommend him to anyone and will book my next trip with Richie.
Richie was on time, very pleasant, told us what to expect, delivered exactly what he promised, knowledge of lake was very good, knowledge of fish patterns and time of year/day very good. He is an excellent guide, attended to all of our needs and I would recommend him to anyone.
Richie is the hardest working guide that I have fished with. I have fished here for over 12 years and have not experienced this type of service from other guides!
We had a great trip. Richie white put us on good fish and we boated 6 Bass in the 5-61/2 lb range and had at least 3 more quality fish on including one that may have been in the 10lb range. Richie worked hard to keep us fishing. Every time we hung up on a stump he would hand us another rod and we caught fish while he dealt with the hang ups. We recommend using Richie if you are coming to Lake Fork
Thank you Richie for a great trip. Debbie and I appreciate everything that you did to make our fishing trip a night to remember. You are a true professional and a great person. May god bless you and your family. Johnny and Debbie Gautreau
Richie is the best guide I have ever worked with. This is my second trip with him. His rates are good. He turned tough conditions into a fun fishing experience. He is willing to use various techniques to catch fish. He is patient and willing to teach. He teaches fishing skills like identifying perch beds and bass nests. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting a good day of fishing on Lake Fork.
Caught lots of great fish and had a great time! If you've never fished Lake Fork, call Richie. If you have fished Lake Fork and want to do better, Call Richie. Best guide experience we've had.
Very Educational. Good Personality. Enjoyed the day on the water and will book another trip.
Thanks Richie the last fish of the day after a day that was already the best day of bass fishing in my life!! She's going to make a very beautiful replica. WOW!!!!!!!
Did Duane and I have a successful day of sight fishing for bass on beds in April? Well, before our time with Richie White, my friend and I had never caught in one day a number of three pound bass, four pound bass, and five pound bass; nor had we ever caught in one day of fishing a seven pound bass, an eight pound bass, and a nine & half pound bass. If that isn't a a successful day of fishing, I don't know what is!!! Great job guiding Richie.
Freakin Awesome Guide, very courteous, very helpful in the style of fishing you prefer to do, whether you want the big bass or catch fish by the numbers he's the guide to call.
I know there are many guides on Lake Fork but after fishing with Richie White I will never use anyone else but him. I booked three days and invited 3 different associates with me one for each day 2 of the three have been fishing alot for several years and not only did I catch my biggest bass of my life but so did two of my three friends. Great job by Richie to put us on the fish but his persistence of helping to try and break double digit fish. 5 fish stringer over 35 lbs. Thanks Richie for a trip I will never forget see you in May. David Bartlett
A cold day with plenty of fish is hard to complain about And top it all off with a 10.25 lb largemouth what more could we ask for Thanks Again richie for a fantastic fishing trip One my grandson will never forget not I
This is our third trip. Each trip keeps getting better. I would recommend Richie to anyone.
My son and i drive from fish with Richie. He got us a 25in. 11.5lbr this year!The weather was cold and windy.He never gives up. Cant wait to get back next year.Fisherman up here cant believe my pics.GREAT TRIP RICHIE!!!
Even though the weather didn"t cooperate Richie made it his mission in life to make our trip enjoyable and productive. I could not have asked for a better time.
Despite 25mph winds, Richie put us on the fish once again. We had several nice fish with the largest being an 8.25 #er
Great trip great guide very hard worker. Keeps you on fish.
Had the greatest fishing experience ever with Richie. Hoping to come back to him soon. If you want to catch big one I will recommend Richie as a guide.
Made the most of a tough day of fishing. Passion for the sport very evident. Seemed like a great guy.
Had a great time and produced fish under less than ideal conditions. Had a plan for the day and it worked out and Richie was helpful with my young daughter's tackle and casting.
I highly recommend this guide to anyone who wants to catch big fish. He knows where the fish are and will show you how to catch them. I caught my personal biggest fish on this trip. I got a lot more than I paid for with Richie because he shared his fishing knowledge with me and experience is something you can't put a price on. I know his mentoring will help make me a better fisherman on my home lake. Thank you Richie for such a great trip.
Rich is an amazing guide! My boys and me had a memorable experience. He put us on the fish and helped break our jinx lol!! Can't wait to book our next trip with him I know my boys are excited!!! Thanks again Richie White
Overall, we were very satisfied and are willing to book another trip with Richie in the future. Richie answered all of our questions without hesitation and went out of his way to make sure our trip met our definition of "success". Thanks for an informative outing!
We had a great time with Richie. He put us on some big bass, that's for sure. He was also excellent with a eleven year old out on the water for a full day. He really knows how to work with, train, and motivate kids. Richie took car of everything for us, from start to finish. Rods and reels were top notch and we learned some techniques we weren't using up north. It was a great trip.
This is the second year we've fished with Richie - we wouldn't fish with anyone else! Can't wait to come back next year!! Thanks, Richie.
I have traveled allot on business and use the Internet to find guid services and the one the best trip I have ever had! Thanks Richard.
Richie is awesome. If you want to catch fish Richie knows how to put you on them. Hw makes us feel like we are the only people in the world when we are with him. Service is his middle name.
Richie is awesome. If you want to catch fish Richie knows how to put you on them. My daughter and I took the afternoon shift with him after my husband and son went out in the morning. We all get treated the same. Service is his middle name.
We had the time of our life's , I gave this trip to my wife for her birthday and she told me was the best present she has ever had that I have given to her. Money well spent!
Was a fun trip, only got a few largemouth several white bass,1 good largemouth about 5lbs.the time of year was not good to fish richie's specialty of sight fishing for a big un' but i knew this ahead of time. I hope to book with him again next spring.All in all was a great time. thanks richie
Richie went above and beyond to make sure we had a good experience. Highly recommend!
Very friendly and trys hard to please
Really Richie, How can we enjoy fishing without you when you take us out and we catch at least 15 fish each? My wife doesn't want to fish with me anymore she just wants to go out with Richie.
Fishing with ichie is the best. Wish we could go with him everyday that we are out there but like him we are not millionaires. Over the years we have learned much from Richie. he doesn't just make sure we have a great experience with him he makes sure we are informed so that when we go out on our own the next day or so we can fend for ourselves and catch fish. Of course we always catch more, better and bigger when we are with Richie. When anyone asks me about fishing on Lake Fork I tell them to call Richie, he's the best.
Once again Richie put my wife and I ON THE BASS, He amazes me with the knowledge of fishing he has , but even more than that he shares that with his clients to help better their fishing experiences when they don't have a guide available. I know there are alot of guides out there for Lake Fork but I feel confident that the only one I'll use or recommend is Richie White. If you want big fish or non stop action on the white bass he's the guide for you Sincerly David Bartlett
Excellent trip, put us on the fish and my Dad caught his personal best during the trip. Best guide on the lake.
Another great spring of chasing giant bass...thanks Richie !!
Another awesome bed fishing trip. We caught many fish in the 6-9 # range
I truly enjoyed catching all of the fish I caught with Richie, but I enjoyed the fellowship and his eagerness to help make my fishing experiences with him memories that will last me the rest of my life. He is a fisherman of men as well as "The Largemouth Bass". I will continue to use him as long as i am able to fish. David Bartlett
I truly enjoyed catching all of the fish I caught with Richie, but I enjoyed the fellowship and his eagerness to help make my fishing experiences with him memories that will last me the rest of my life. He is a fisherman of men as well as "The Largemouth Bass". I will continue to use him as long as i am able to fish. David Bartlett
Awesome fun time as usual !!
Richie is a fantastic, very aggressive bass guide. We have fished with him two years. , and plan to fish many more. I would recommend him to any bass fisherman.
Richie is an excellent guide for those that want to learn or experience the fun of sight fishing. I will defintiely use him again in the future.
Mr. White had an extra challenge in my case, because I am mainly a trout fisherman. The fly rod proved to be more effective for the kind of fishing we did than he had supposed. One suggestion: It might be good if he asked a client what kind of fishing he LIKES to do, rather than assuming it's the kind that Mr. White usually does. For some anglers, the quality of the experience is more important than the number of fish caught. Overall, he obviously knows what he's doing, and I would recommend him to anyone focused on catching a lot of big bass.
I haved fished with Richie several times. He has never failed to put us on fish. Great teacher if you are an inexperienced fisherman, he will take the time to show you how to do things right.
Knows his business, intensive, prepared, does not make excuses, moves with the fish and can tackle any condition . Does not " boat ride" you around the lake looking for fish that "were there yesterday" . Understands that you will fish with what you have confidence in and not necessarily what he recommends......until he starts putting more fish in the boat than you do. Good teacher, conversationalist, and worth the money. Will book again.
Knows his business, intensive, prepared, does not make excuses, moves with the fish and can tackle any condition . Does not " boat ride" you around the lake looking for fish that "were there yesterday" . Understands that you will fish with what you have confidence in and not necessarily what he recommends......until he starts putting more fish in the boat than you do. Good teacher, conversationalist, and worth the money. Will book again.
Had a great time and caught nice fish. He surely is out to take care of his customers. This was my best fishing trip ever on Fork. He met my goal of helping my son learn new approaches to catching bass. He's by far the best guide that I have used. His service is a good investment for those who wish to catch fish and become productive on a lake that has a lot of fishing pressure. Will definately utilize his services again. FT of Joplin, MO.
Had a great time and caught nice fish. He surely is out to take care of his customers. This was my best fishing trip ever on Fork. He met my goal of helping my son learn new approaches to catching bass. He's by far the best guide that I have used. His service is a good investment for those who wish to catch fish and become productive on a lake that has a lot of fishing pressure. Will definately utilize his services again. FT of Joplin, MO.
It was a great trip. My guide was professional and extremely knowledgeable about the lake, fish, and equipment used. Will use his service again. Would recommend to anyone wanting a successful trip. Thanks Ritchie
Ritchie worked hard to make this trip work. I actually contacted him for the first time on the morning of our outing (I was in Dallas for less than 48) and he was willing to go on a late night mission that same night. He took me to several different spots to make sure I caught fish. He knew the lake well, including where to got when things were slow. He was also patient teaching me how to pitch, which I hadn't done before since i usually fish from a kayak or canoe. It was worth the 2 hour drive from Dallas to Lake Fork to fish with Ritchie and add learn a new skill. Trust this guy! Chris Charon, MD
Very professional and informative, will schedule more trips with him in the future.
He was very professional and extremely good at his job. He put us right on the fish. Very helpful too. Had a great time and looking forward to a fall fishing trip.
What an awesome experience!! Richie did a fantastic job of learning what my son and I wanted out of this trip before the trip. Richie was prepared, had a game plan and MAXIMIZED every minute of our trip! Having taken guide trips before, I've had some good ones and some "not so good". Richie was far and away the best guide I've hired! Being a fairly accomplished bass fisherman, I wanted my 16 year old to learn the nuances of worm fishing and using a bait caster (I'm not a good teacher). Richie spent most of the trip teaching, in a positive way, my son lots of tips and tricks. Richie's patience and expertise was worth every penny of the trip. Although my son never got a fish in the boat on a worm that night, two nights later when it was just us, he caught his first worm fish. Richie put us on fish, taught us about night fishing and worked very, very hard all night long. Catching fish that night was just a bonus in my opinion. His teaching and the expertise he shared with us will make myself and my son much better fishermen and that is worth more to me. There are a ton of guides on Lake Fork and it can be really difficult to figure out who to go with. I can promise that choosing Richie White is a no-brainer! Thanks again Richie, we had a blast!!!!
Great Guide!! We had a great time with Richie. He definatly put us on em' and we caught some great looking fish. Would love to go again!!
This was my second year night fishing with Richie and just like last year it was a great trip. My son and I caught lots of big fish. In both nights we had about a 4lb average and we caught 20 - 25 fish both nights. We will be coming back next June to fish with Richie again.
Great guide, great person. Book him up and go enjoy yourself out on the water.
I fished with Richie for two consecutive nights. He was, as usual, a great guide. In addition to catching some big fish, I learned a lot on how to be a better bass fisherman. I highly recommend him.
This was my second time to use Richie, and there will definitely be more. He put us on the fish and answered all of our questions. He prepared us for a tournament and even followed up the next day to see how we were doing. I highly recommend him if you want to catch fish and learn about the lake and the fish you're trying to catch. Thanks again Richie.
Excellent trip. Even though the weather didn't cooperate, we found good fish.
I have fished many years with Ritchie and the experience is always great. It was a tough weather day and we had to call it quits early; however, I did manage to boat a 5lbs fish and we are going again to try and find the "big one". I highly recommend Ritchie, especially for those who want to learn how to site fish.
This was our 3rd year fishing with Richie, and every year has been great fishing!
Great trip!
I'm learning everytime on the water with Richie and his vast experience sight fishing continues to amaze.
We battled high winds, again, but managed to locate and catch a giant...almost 11 #s. Another great day with Richie.
Richie performs his magic once again !! An incredible 3 days of fishing. We had 4 over 9 pounds, an 8, a 7, and too many 4-6s to count. We braved strong winds and still boated some incredible memories !!
Excellent guide and a great person. Enjoy time on the water with Richie and so appreciate his passion for his work and for fishing.
Great guide. Very knowledgable.
Great guide. Very knowledgable.
Guide worked hard to find fish. Very informative on Lake Fork and fishing techniques. Weather was detrimental to trip. Would have liked to try deep structure bite.
Richie White is a great guide and a great guy. He worked very hard in tough weather to put us on fish.
Given the weather situation we had, Richie found fish for us and we had a great time
Richie was great! Very informative with a lot of great fishing tips and techniques as well as great fishing stories and Oh Yeah! the fishing was wonderful especially the last fish of the day at the last minute of fishing, a 9 lb large mouth. What a way to cap off a great day of fishing and we will definitely use Richie again and recommend him to all of our friends.
Wow. I'd use Richie again and again. My wife and sister-in-law both caught big bass during this afternoon outing.
Richie White is the best. If you want to catch fish call Richie. I had the most exciting fishing day of my life catching a number of large mouth bass.
Weather forecast was excellent for fishing. Met Richie at Wal-Mart in Sulphur Springs and rode with him to the Minnow Bucket where we put in. Started by demonstrating a few techniques we'd be using off the dock while waiting in turn for the boat ramp. Caught our first fish right there. Richie was pleasant, experienced, and very personable. Treated both myself and my 9 year old son with respect. Was great with the kid. Very patient and instructional. Weather turned out poorer than the forecast and turned into what Richie described as the perfect "bluebird" day. Beautiful weather but bad for fishing. After about 3 hours we had caught several fish and had fun, but I believe Richie felt we weren't getting out $ worth so he offered we call it a day early and come back another day this week on him. This just goes to show his professionalism and commitment to making sure his customers get a quality experience. Going back out tomorrow and looking forward to it.
If you want to catch fish on Lake Fork, Richie is the man.
Richie, Greg and I had a GREAT time with you even though you thought it was too slow. We never caught so many fish in a day. Thanks for a wonderful day! Ronny Jepsen
I have used at least 10 guides on Lake Fork and Richie is in the top 2 if no #1. He was well prepared for us and my son and I both used his equipment which was indeed very good. We caught lots of small largemouth, kept 10 and hit a school os yellow bass (bar fish on Fork) and loaded up with t least 30. After the morning bite slowed we had lunch at Minnow Bucket went out to look for some deep bass and caught about 10 or more before we stopped at 5:30. It was a long day but a great trip. I will book him again for a night trip and for a sight trip. After loading the boat he cleaned and bagged our catch. I highly recommend him.
Richie was very accommodating. We had a large group split into two trips and the weather was not cooperative. Richie was able to take the second group out the following day. Both groups caught their limit.
My 4th or 5th trip with Richie. All have been very good trips. Works very hard at putting you on fish and is extremely knowledgable. Also takes the time to explain the why's and what's of what he's doing. Highly recommend!
Good time management, got to fishing spots quickly without a lot of searching. Has a great boat to fish from, not flashy at all but very functional. Have been fishing with him at Fork and so far he is the only guide we have gone back to time after time. Have been on fish every time we went out. I would recommend Richie to anyone. Fair price for a days work, and he does work to earn his money.
Richie was very patient with me as an inexperienced fisherman. He knows his job and the lake well. He has excellent gear and is a good teacher. I will be back.
Richie is THE standard when it comes to guides for me. His clients catching fish is priority #1. The only problem is there is only one of him. You have to book way in advance. Keep up the good work!
It was my first trip to Lake Fork and Richie provided a great night fishing experience. He is not only a great guide but a great fisherman also. My son and I were able to fish two nights with him and both were very enjoyable and a great learning experience. I'm looking forward to booking more trips in the future.
Richie put us on fish and offered very helpful techniques and suggestions. Great trip.
We had a great trip with Richie. We were into fish immediately and learned a great deal on the water. I would recommend Richie to anyone, and I look forward to fishing with him again in the near future.
Too many memories of calm, beautiful water in the near full moonlight to digest and catalogue. Too many big fish to remember. I did learn some new places and underwater structure on Lake Fork and a couple of fishing techniques. This was my third trip with Richie and my first night trip. Awesome, magical. Thanks again. Too cool.
So many big fish and only 20 rods anoyher great day thanks
OOOOOOOOOH what a day Thanks again Richie for another wonderful day on the water Lake Fork is the BEST Lake and YOU are the BEST GUIDE THERE
Richie White is a very knowledgeable bass fishing guide. If you want to catch a big bass, Richie knows how to get you your fish.
Trip of a lifetime!
Richie White, as my guide, did an exceptional job in locating 8 to 10 + pound size large mouth bass for my friend and I. Richie knew I was really after just one fish - a 10 + pound size large mouth bass, and once Richie spotted that fish circling her bed, around 12:30 P.M., in one particular cove, he stayed on her, pestering her to finally bite for me at 5:00 P.M. It weighed 10.5 pounds; it was 24 inches in length and had a girth of 21 inches. My friend and I, during the day, caught a number of heavy fish; in fact, we both caught bass that went 8 pounds. Richie White is a great fishing guide who knows how to spot bass on the beds! I have used him for five or six years now and would recommend him highly to any one who wants to fish Lake Fork during the spring time or, for that matter, anytime of the year. Stephen
Best trip ever-two personal bests! Me and my partner! a 9.7 and a 9.25. Awesome trip. He can really put you on some fish.
Ritchie, thanks for a great time. That was one of the best days of fishing that my brother an i have ever had. I look forward to doing it again next year.
Tough Conditions - good trip.
It's early morning, the mist is rising off the lake. Awe motor over to a small pocket and start the day with topwater baits. BAM all 3 of the fishermen on board are hooking bass. first 1 then another and another. after the first hour or so we switch to sinkos and hook fish after fish, at this point 9am Lil Richie say's lets move to Monti and do nsome sight fishing. We all say lets do it and we are on the road heading for lake number 2 Monti. when we arrive we look at fish after fish, there must have been 300 on beds and we just motored by looking for big mama. we got to pose with some great fish that day, no 10 pounders but plenty of 6 to 7 pound "beutes" my son had the fishing trip of a life time. Thank You Richie for another great day. Have a Blessed season Ralph
Great trip, who would have thought on March 27th we would be sight fishing.............on Monticello!
Great trip! Richie worked very hard against poor conditions to make the trip a real hunt!!
We only caught 5 fish but 3 were 8-10 pounds...awesome day!!!
Top water bassin in feb and march is to cool thanks far another great trip see ya 3]29 for the next adventure. R
another fantastic trip when you called and said lets do a topwater trip???? are you kidding me,,,,,typical Richie,,,,puts me on a ton of fish again,... can't say thanks enough. 20 fish topwater all good ones, of course I never catch anything less with Richie....thanks buddy Ralph Laughridge PS: I have been a customer for 18 years and will continue for the years to come,,,,,,,and you still owe me a 15 pounder
It was absolutely marvelous trip. The best part was catching bass in February on top water lures on a cloudy day. Ritchie`s a great guide and I look forward to fishing with him again.
Best half day trip I've had in a long time with any guide in any state on any body of water. We didn't catch 100 fish but the fish we did catch were fish most fishermen never see, let alone catch. Thanks for a great time amd see you in March for the spring madness.
Outstanding guide! More than willing to work hard to put us on fish. Very knowledgeable and willing to share his knowledge. Would highly recommend to others and plan to use myself again in the future.
Richie is the man! Knows how to put you on the fish and teaches you how to catch em. I am a repeat client and would not hesitate to use him again myself or recommend him to anyone wanting to fish Lake Fork ( or any other Lake).
We had a great day of fishing for both "eating" fish and big bass. Richie is always great to fish with and is a positive influence for teaching kids to fish.
My son and I took one of his buddies and had a blast fishing with Richie. The boys are still talking about the big fish they caught, and now all their friends want to go !!
If you want to catch fish, call Richie and book a trip.
Richie is an excellent guide and person. We were site fishing, and it is amazing how he can pick fish out. There were times I would only see the fish as it moved to swim off. You won't be disapointed.
Richie is the best. My friends and I all love fishing with him !!
Great time and a great guide. We had to tell him we were done to get him off the water (he still wanted to go check two more spots). His beef jerky is also killer.
Richie, I want to thank you for yet another great trip! I look forward to our next one. Thanks, Alan
I highly reccomend Ritchie for a guide. He was very willing to please and worked harder than necessary to make us happy and successfull. I will say that an 8-1/2 pounder and two over 5 was a great showing, not to mention the smaller fish also. Thanks to Ritchie.
Richie knows sight fishing like no one else. If you want to catch a big bedding female there is no other choice. Very personable and easy going. You won't go wrong with Richie as your guide.
Richie was tremendous! He put me on fish consistently, was very patient and helped me to not only catch my personal best but taught me more in two days than I have been able to learn on my own over the years. I strongly reccomend Richie without hesitation! Jack Mulhern
Richie was a very professional, experienced, and well-prepared guide. He was helpful in using the equipment and didn't mind answering all my questions. His equipment was top notch. We caught 6 fish in the afternoon and they weren't lunkers, but the very cold and very windy day in early February was tough. I will use Richie again and I highly recommend him to anyone.
Great guide. Very helpful with information on what the fish were doing at this season of the year. I feel like I got more than my moneys worth and had a good time.
Time 5:30 PM on a Sunday and I'm just setting down to dinner when The phone rings. It's Richie and he wants to know what I'm doing later tonight. He says the wind is going to laydown before the cold front hits so lets go fishing tonight. "but its blowing 25 Richie and 65 degrees and it's going to get down in the 30's tonight."He says"thats right but the fish ought to just tear'em up before the front and the wind should laydown" I'm game so I roll out to the shed and meet up with Richie at 9:30 PM.By now the temp is 62 degrees. By 9:45PM we are at the Minnow Bucket and there is not a car or trailer ANYWHERE. The wind is out of the south at 15 to 20 gusting to 35. So we launch and head south west at a pretty good clip bouncing over the waves. Now ol Richie has got us out of the bad stuff and in a pretty good location by 10:15 PM and we caught a few. Lets try somewhere else up North he says and off we go south towards the damn and around the point straight past the dock where we should be trailering the boat to the north end of the lake, but NO, Richie drives that sucker north east with the wind at our backs and the white caps just starting to show up. He pulls us into a cove I don't remember ever fishing with him but that's okay with me because we are finally out of that wind. First cast a 3 lb'er hits the swim bait hard and is in the boat quick. The a Trap puts one on the deck, than another swimbait fish . By now it's 11 PM and the wind just stops. It's dead calm and we are having a great time taking fish with swimbaits,jigs and traps. That gets us to 11;30PM, that's when we feel the first cold air blow across the boat accompanied with 15 MPH gusts, AND IT WAS COOL AIR. We both said did you feel tah at the same time. We laughed and went back to fishing, 11:45PM the wind has turned from south to north and it is increasing with every minute we stay there, Richie says how about one more fish on that swim bait and he positions the boat perfectly for me to cast that fat swim bait across my the front of a dock. The bait hits the water with the accurcey of a seasoned pro and 3 turns of the handle and BAM biggest fish of the night hits that swimbait. After landing that fish we decide that with the temps dropping and the wind increasing we need to head for home. It is now 12 Midnight the wind has started blowing 20 plus the white caps are so high we idle for 3o minutes back towards the Minnow bucket to keep the boat above the lake bottom. At 12:10 AM Richie yells over the howling wind "All we need now is rain" and sure enough 2 minutes later we have rain, than sleet and swirling snow. I am having a blast, Richies spot light goes south on us so we are picking our way through treetops in a full blow northener. YEHA we be having fun. So if Richie White ever calls you and asks what your doing tell him like I do "I'll be there in an hour" trust me, you won't forget those times. I love ya Richie Thanks for the calls. Ralph L in Dallas
We didn't go out on the 15th. Some of the tough guys did and came back wet and cold one hour later,so we chickened out and canceled due to the weather------wind----------and---- cold.
This was the 3rd trip that my son and I booked with Richie. We always have a great time, enjoy great fishing, and leave with memories and plenty of fish to eat.
Another great night fishing trip with Richie. Richie works hard to put fish in the boat as well as finding where the big ones hide. I'll fish with Richie again next time I'm in Texas.
A very good trip. Boated my personal best bass (6lb12oz) thanks to Richie's knowledge and experience. Richie's G3 boat is a little worn, but it proved perfect for getting into the weeds among the stumps. We sure did hit a few stumps while idling to the spot, but it wasn't a problem for Richie. Overall a great night fishing experience.
Had a good time, that is what I went for.
Great time! I've been on many guided fishing trips and the times with Richie are always great.
My son and I had a great time and learned alot. Thank you to Richie very much.
Richie knows the lake very well. I think the highest compliment any business can receive is repeat business and referrals. I will definitely book with Richie again and won't hesitate to refer him to friends.
Richie was great. He made sure we fished with confidence from the bait to the structure. We caught descent fish and learned a lot about the lake and seasonal patterns. I would definitely recommend him to anyone I fish with.
Was goooood
Was goooood
Was goooood
We filmed a spectacular episode for In-Fisherman Television with Richie White in mid-June. He got us on some excellent spots and set us up to catch a bunch of really great bass from 4 to 8 1/2 pounds. He also was well prepared and gave some excellent insights on night-fishing techniques to our TV audience. The show will air next season, which begins in January 2009. Check it out! Steve Quinn
It was very windy but Richie knew where to go on the lake to find somewhat still waters and was able to keep the boat anchored while we caught several hogs! It was a great experience for me and my son!
Rihcie is the best................I`ll be back at the end of the year.
Richie is a very good guide. Knowlegable, informative and friendly. Richie is not like many of the guides who have become callus over the years. He cares about his customers experience and he can put you on the fish!! My son and I will use his professional services again.
Thank you for providing exactly what was requested
Richie, We had a good time and learned some things about fishing for bass on beds.... Thanks again....
Very knowledgable about all aspects of fishing.
Folks, we are repeat customers of Richie (3rd time) and he will show you how to fish certain baits, what to look for when bass are spawning, share time with his family, answer questions about local fishing, and entertain you. He is a no-bull-shitter. Richie is super and that is why we always use him. Yes, we have been on Lake Fork before without using him, but if you want to experience an expert on the water and enjoy his company whilst catching 5-6-7 pounders, you won't go wrong. Our day was the day the tornado touched down in Canton (Friday) After a brief wind and rain, the day turned out beautiful. Thanks again...David Shinn (with his Dad)
Second day of a two day booking. Thuderstorms the night before and quite windy. We still boated 9 bass and a dogfish. We were kept out of the wind and in quiet coves. Richie has the best eyes in the business. He spotted fish when I could barely see a nest. Always positioned us well and we caught 80% of the fish we stopped for, up to 7 lbs. I have caught numerous fish up to 10 lbs. on prior trips and even one that went 12.17 lbs. I keep coming back!
I have taken several trips since 2002 with Richie White. Excellent guide. This trip was some tough fishing, but we still boated 7 good bass, the best being about 7 lb. I brought a friend who had never sight fished and never used baitcasting equipment. He learned quite a lot and caught fish.
Richie White is a bass magician. On this trip my son and I had the best day of fishing ever. Thank you for making the day an experience we'll remember for the rest of our lives!
Educational as usual,hard worker,goal in mind to provide a great day of fishing. Would recommend for future trips.
Richie White did what I had asked him to do, and that was put me on a double digit bass. Richie did his best to help me catch that bass. Not catching the bass was a heart breaker. Makes me determined to try again. Stephen Lehr
Richie White is the best guide I've ever met, most knowledgeable, adapted to our conditions and made it happen. Knows the lake and knows how the bass are going to react in every condition. A great teacher, Richie quickly got me up to speed on a bait caster with techniques and how to cast and where to cast. Adapted to the weather and put fish in the boat. Outstanding, Excellent, will fish with Richie anywhere, especially Lake Fork again. Thanks Richie!!
Richie White is the best guide I've ever met, most knowledgeable, adapted to our conditions and made it happen. Knows the lake and knows how the bass are going to react in every condition. A great teacher, Richie quickly got me up to speed on a bait caster with techniques and how to cast and where to cast. Adapted to the weather and put fish in the boat. Outstanding, Excellent, will fish with Richie anywhere, especially Lake Fork again. Thanks Richie!!
Richie White is the best guide I've ever met, most knowledgeable, adapted to our conditions and made it happen. Knows the lake and knows how the bass are going to react in every condition. A great teacher, Richie quickly got me up to speed on a bait caster with techniques and how to cast and where to cast. Adapted to the weather and put fish in the boat. Outstanding, Excellent, will fish with Richie anywhere, especially Lake Fork again. Thanks Richie!!
Richie White is the best guide I've ever met, most knowledgeable, adapted to our conditions and made it happen. Knows the lake and knows how the bass are going to react in every condition. A great teacher, Richie quickly got me up to speed on a bait caster with techniques and how to cast and where to cast. Adapted to the weather and put fish in the boat. Outstanding, Excellent, will fish with Richie anywhere, especially Lake Fork again. Thanks Richie!!
Richie White is the best guide I've ever met, most knowledgeable, adapted to our conditions and made it happen. Knows the lake and knows how the bass are going to react in every condition. A great teacher, Richie quickly got me up to speed on a bait caster with techniques and how to cast and where to cast. Adapted to the weather and put fish in the boat. Outstanding, Excellent, will fish with Richie anywhere, especially Lake Fork again. Thanks Richie!!
Richie White is the best guide I've ever met, most knowledgeable, adapted to our conditions and made it happen. Knows the lake and knows how the bass are going to react in every condition. A great teacher, Richie quickly got me up to speed on a bait caster with techniques and how to cast and where to cast. Adapted to the weather and put fish in the boat. Outstanding, Excellent, will fish with Richie anywhere, especially Lake Fork again. Thanks Richie!!
Richie White is one of the best guides i have ever used BAR NONE!! Cant wait to go again!!
Richie is a great all around person and knows lake fork like the back of his hand. I would prefer to fish with him than anyone else.
he is the best guide i have ever had
Just another great time on the water with Richie, we caught fish on all the baits we threw, except the chatterbait which was a first time for me. I have fished with Richie for 17 years, thats right , when he was a baby we fished fork and he has never disappointed me or my guests. Again Thanks Richie for the great time and the pictures.
Richie is a great guide, my son & I had a good time , I highly recomend him I wish I had half the knowledge he has & we will soon be taking another trip with Richie thankyou Dennis Huber
First night trip in Feb for me, we got to see the eclipse from the water. I loved the 4 lb'er I caught posed with and released, My only complaint was it rained, it was windy and cold and the time went by way to fast. we fished from 1030 PM till 630 AM and again enjoyed every second. Big Thanks Richie for all you do to make the trips exciting. Ralph
I had a great time! I caught a 7-pounder
Very accommodating, friendly, knowledgable. A very nice guy. I will use him again. More than willing to share his knowledge.
He really knows his stuff and works very hard for you to catch big fish. Also, he is very organized and no-nonsense about his approach to this event.
Richie always works hard to put us on fish. We always catch big fish everytime we go out. I know this is the guide that will eventually put me on my long sought after 10 pounder.
On each of three different days of the worse bass fishing weather, Richie got us on quality bass. Richie's attitude and confidence is very contagious. When fishing with Richie you'll catch quality bass and have a blast doing it no matter what mother nature throws at you. As for rating Richie as a guide I can only say I'll come back to Fork and Richie is definitely the guide I'll be fishing with!
On this cloudy January day, neither the cold, wind nor rain could dampen Richie's never ending enthusiasm toward making the day a rewarding and satisfactory fishing experience. Thanks to Richie, we didn't just catch bass, we caught quality bass. Thanks Richie for the great time.
Just one trip with Richie White and you'll see just how dedicated to his clients and their fishing passion. While fishing with Richie, you'll have no doubt that you and your satisfaction are his #1 priority at all times. His positive up-beat attitude and ability to get you on fish is a very big confidence factor. In short, fishing with Richie is a blast.
One of many good trips with this guide.
Richie was very knowledable about the lake and different techniques and did what he could to put me on fish. I learned quite a bit from my trip, which was my goal, and also landed a couple of nice fish as well, with the biggest taking some fancy net work. Will definately book again.
What a great day, winds out of the south at 25 MPH, waves breaking over the rails into the boat. sunshine? And yes it broke out twice and lifted our spirits. The fish were there. What more could you ask for. I LOVED IT> Thanks Richie for another great day on the water. Did I mention the wind? oh yeah I did. Ralph
Experienced and friendly guide! Very hard-working! Went on a bad weather day but still caught very good numbers and quality of bass, and learned a whole lot from this guide. I would highly recommend him for any level or age of fisherman/woman.

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