Lake Fork Guide Richie White

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Lake Fork Guide Richie White

Lake Fork Guide Richie White has been a professional fishing guide since 1990.
Richie has top of the line electronics and excellent fishing gear provided at no extra charge, including Kistler rods and Ambassadeur Revo reels. He is happy to accomodate beginners as well as tournament fishermen. Children are also encouraged to fish with Richie. He also provides digital photos and guarantees fish!


All rates are the same whether 1 or 2 people

Full day rates:

$400 - full day (1 or 2 people). Most full-day trips are 9-10 hours.

Half day rates:

$250 - half day (1 or 2 people ). Half-day trips are 5 hours


$150 per day

Deposits are non-refundable. However trips can be rescheduled (see the section on rainout policy)

Special Requests:

Trail Boats: $100 (same party only)
Split trips (morning and evening): $50 extra
3rd person: $100 extra

Fishing Hours

Full-day trips are typically from safe light until 4:00PM. However, fishing hours may be adjusted to revolve around peak feeding times.

January: 6:30AM - 4:00PM
February: 6:15AM - 4:00PM
March: 6:00AM - 4:00PM
April: 6:30AM - 4:00PM*
May: 6:00AM - 4:00PM
June: night trips only
July: night trips only
August: night trips only
September: 6:30AM - 4:00PM
October: 7:00AM - 5:00PM**
November: 6:00AM - 4:00PM
December: 6:15AM - 4:00PM

1/2-day trips:

Mon - Sat: 5 hour trips beginning at first light or ending with last light
Sun: 12:15PM - 5:15PM (between church services)

Night trips:

June - early Sep: 8:30 PM - 6:00AM


*March hours until time change 1st Sunday of April
**November hours after time change last Sunday of October



Some of my best fishing days have been rainy days, so I prefer to fish if it is not extremely cold or unsafe. I have enough raingear for everyone, but I prefer you bring your own if rain is inevitable. Since the weathermen are wrong so often, I don't trust them to adequately predict when it will be stormy. Therefore, the earliest I will call a rainout (especially on a high demanded day) is 30 minutes before we are scheduled to meet. If we are scheduled to meet and it is storming (or a hard rain), I will probably try to contact you to see if you want to wait it out, reschedule, or try to fish. If you don't hear from me, please try to contact me. It is likely that I will wait until I hear from you before getting my dry boat out of the storage. Sometimes just waiting a few minutes can be the difference between fishing out of a wet boat or a dry boat. In the event of an unsafe (stormy or icy) fishing day, we can schedule another trip at both of our convenience and your deposit will be applied toward the other day.


If for some reason you or your partner can't make the scheduled date and you give me at least a two week notice, I will allow you to reschedule without forfeiting your deposit. If you have a premium date (Mar-June or weekend) and need to reschedule but don't provide adequate notice for me to rebook, you can reschedule to a non-premium date (July-February weekday) without forfeiting your deposit.

Keeping Fish

One of the things that makes Lake Fork so good is the management of the fish regulations. At the current time, all largemouth bass between 16 and 24 inches must be released. This means that most every fish between 2 1/2 and 9 pounds must be released. For fishermen, that means more big bass to be caught. Although it is legal to keep a fish over 24 inches, Richie has a policy that all fish over that length be released. If you want to get a big fish for your wall, you can get a taxidermist to make a replica. That way, the fish lives and you still get a fish on the wall. Replicas last longer, smell better, and look better than dead fish mounts. If you are interested in keeping fish for eating, you are allowed up to 5 bass per person under 16 inches. Richie prefers that you keep 11 to 14 inch bass and let the 15 and 16 inchers go. There are certain times that are much better than others for eating fish. The Fall is by far the best season. In the Fall, you can catch lots of small bass and even more yellow bass (barfish). Those yellow bass are even better eating than the black bass and you can keep everyone you want.

What to Bring

After booking a trip with Richie, you will be emailed with instructions of what to bring and what not to bring. Richie provides all rods and tackle. So you only need to bring drinks, snacks, and plenty of clothing. Richie also provides digital pictures and will email them to you, so bringing a camera is optional.
If you are fishing additional days in your own boat, be sure to read the fishing trip checklist article. You may be surprised at how many things you forget to bring until you are on the lake.

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Lake Fork Fishing Guide Richie White

Here's a 12.38# Bass caught by guide Richie White.

Lake Fork Fishing Guide