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Updated 11/27/2018

Bass fishing on Lake Fork is still slow - for largemouths anyway. But the other species don't seem to be affected. I'm catching about 10-20 fish an hour, primarily white bass and yellow bass. The days when I did get into some good largemouths were days that I wasn't targeting them. One day recently, we got a 4, 5, and 6 pounder while we were catching whites and yellow bass. But most of the days that I've targeted bass, we've been disappointed.
Believe it or not, my best number days for largemouths were in December. I've had more days with 100+ largemouth on Fork in December than any other month. And this was when the water temps was hovering around 60 degrees. Last trip, it was 57 degrees. And we have a great forecast with several days of 70+ temps. So this could be the opportunity we've been waiting for. If the bass are gonna bite on Fork, it will be in the next few days.
The lake is almost full. The gates have been running for several days (which partially explains the slow bite). But the gates are shut now, so it should improve drastically. Lots of fish are biting my homemade spoons. If the largemouth fishing improves, they will bite them too. But if they don't, you can still enjoy catching lots of fish.
This is the time for a beginner, or to take a little kid, or a senior, or anyone who likes to eat fish. This is also a great time to learn how to see fish on a graph and get them to bite. Most of the places I'm catching fish are open water with very little cover to hang up in.
Since the bass bite has been inconsistent and the little fish are biting so well, I decided to promote short trips (12PM to 3PM) and (3PM to dark). These 3 hour trips are only ($150 for one adult) or ($150 for an adult and small child).
Seniors: this is your chance to catch fish without much effort. The lake is full, so it isn't hard to get in the boat. And I've been finding fish at most of the places I check, so we shouldn't have to travel too much. And you don't have to leave your seat. I'll hand you a rod with a spoon and you can drop straight down and catch fish. It doesn't get any easier.
Not many people fishing right now. So we have the whole lake practically to ourselves.
I really enjoy taking kids and if you bring a little kid, I will put together a free video at no extra charge.
If you would like to book a trip, you can see my schedule and book your trip online at
Or just call me at 214-FiveFourNine-4644

See my videos at

Good fishing and good luck.

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