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Updated 4/6/2014

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We had the coldest winter I can recall this year. Water temps got down in the 30s in February and even after a month of warm weather, it is still in the 50s in the main body of the lake. The water has been around 60 in many of the coves off and on for about 3 weeks. This last front brought them back down to 50s again, but fortunately it had some rain with it. For the first time in a very long time, the lake is less than 4 feet low (barely). It has been hovering from 4.25 and 4.5 feet low most of the year. Hopefully, it will stay under 4 feet low and even get closer to full. It has been low for so long that there are new trees and other plants covering the banks. If that vegetation gets flooded, it will be some awesome fishing.
The underwater vegetation is looking better than I can recall in 10 years. Many coves have some type of moss, flooded grass, floating hyacinth, coontail, lily pads, hydrilla, and I even saw a small area of cattails in the water. Hopefully, we will get enough rain to raise the lake without negatively affecting the vegetation.

Fishing has been good. I went on a 14 day stretch with at least a 7 pound fish caught off a bed every day. I think this front will slow things down for a couple of days, but it should be back on track by the end of the week.
I've been catching almost all of my fish on the beds. My favorite bed baits are tubes, craws, ring fries, fluckes, and lizards. But I believe you can catch a bedding fish in the right mood on just about whaterever you can think up. Last trip, I had a client catch a fish on a plastic worm. That fish was so aggressive that I put a granola bar wrapper on a hook and flipped it out to the bed. He ate it and I caught him on the second cast. I also caught bedding bass on cigarette butts, gatorade lids, plastic bag pieces, and even my business card. So, it isn't necessarily what you use as much as it is how you present it.

If you are interested in a guided trip, you can book online at

I'm booked solid through mid-May. But I have quite a few cancellations every year and I have a short waiting list yet. If you are interested in fishing the spawn, send me an email and I'll try to fit you in. I have a few openings in the latter part of May and a bunch of openings in June, which is the best month for night fishing. I expect the night fishing to be much better than the last couple of years because of the comeback that the grass is making.
May and June are the best months of the year for a combination of numbers and size. I normally take a couple of weeks for vacation in May, but this year I plan to be available for trips. I believe there are more ways to catch fish in May than any other month. June is historically my best month for night fishing. If you haven't done a night fishing trip in June, you are missing out on some of the best fishing of the year. It's the only time you are basically guaranteed good weather (and the fishing should be good too).

If you haven't read my sight fishing book, be sure to read it at It's the only book dedicated entirely to sight fishing for bass. And we have a lot of spawn left.

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Good fishing and good luck. You can't catch them if you don't go.

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