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Updated 8/15/2015

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We just got back from a family vacation, so I don't know how well the fish were biting this week. But last week, we had 4 nights in a row with a fish over 8 pounds. So I was able to end on a good note before going on vacation. I try to take vacation in August because it is typically one of the slower months for largemouths. This year, it has been better than normal for me so far, but the numbers (of largemouths) in August is definitely not as good as it was in early summer. Fortuntately, we've had some good quality fish to make up for the lack of numbers of largemouths.

If you just want to catch fish and don't care what kind, there may not be a better time for catching white bass. We've been averaging about 40 fish most every evening that I've attempted to catch white bass. Most of them have been schooling on top. When they do that, you can catch them on just about anything you want (spoons, traps, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, swimbaits, topwaters, you name it). This is a great time to take a beginner or a kid. In fact, until that bite slows down I'm promoting a 2 hour trip (7PM to 9PM) for up to 3 people for $150. I don't know how long that bite will last. But if you're interested, send me an email and I'll let you know if they are still running. If I don't think we'll catch enough to fill a livewell, I'd rather not take you.


The jig bite at night has been better for me this year than it's been in many years. I'm optimistic about the jig bite this next full moon because the lake has been over the trees for a few months and now they are getting exposed again. These "new" trees will be good until they get pounded by all the fishing pressure. Last time I was out there was tons of trees right at the surface. Some barely under water, some barely exposed. I expect we'll drop another few inches by the full moon at the end of this month. That should make it perfect for the jig bite (for a short time). The lake is almost a foot low now.

Speaking of the jig bite, I'm still trying to encourage fishermen to come by yourself and fish with me so we can fish a jig in the newly exposed trees. We can't fish it as good if someone is in the back seat. Come by yourself Sunday night through Wednesday night and I'll take you from 8:30PM until sunup for $250. Choose the "night trip" option on my calendar. I'll change the price after you book.
Try not to get it confused with the "PM" trip on my calendar. A "PM" trip is a 5 hour trip starting at a mutually beneficial time. I recommend 7PM to midnight right now. But as it gets into the Fall season, a typical "PM" trip is 1PM to 6PM.


Book your trip online at

I'm also available to do 1/2 day trips, and I will split trips into 2 parts at no extra charge for the rest of the summer. I prefer fishing after dark, but will work around your schedule.




I try to post a couple of pictures to my Facebook page every trip. So keeping up with that page is a much better report than what I can do in front of my computer at home. If you follow my Facebook page (actually, the Facebook term is "like"), you can get my posts without delay. I often post pictures as soon as we catch them - and almost always post the same day. So if you see several big fish in the same day, you can rest assured the fishing is good then. If you wait until I post a fishing report, you can be sure that it has slowed down enough for me to leave the lake. Go to and click the "like" option to get the posts.


Here are a few of the things that I put on the Facebook Page:

1) Pictures of clients holding fish (of course)
2) Pictures of landscapes around the lake.

3) Pictures and videos of wildlife around the lake

4) Fishing Reports

5) Updates about pages on my website

6) Updates when someone catches a giant bass on Fork

7) Basslog information

I plan to query the basslog at least once a month and post my results on Facebook. So, if you want to know the best baits to be using (for example) or you just like to see statistics, then you should "like" the Facebook page so you can get instant updates.

The link to remember for my Facebook page is But now you don't have to remember that because you can just go to any page on and you will find the feed.

Be sure to "like" the page so you can get the information as soon as it gets posted.

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Good fishing and good luck. You can't catch them if you don't go.

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