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Updated 10/20/2014

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This has been the best Fall season I can recall on Lake Fork. Water temps are perfect (around 70 degrees), the lake is relatively clear, there's plenty of good grass, and the fish are being very cooperative

This season, the fishing is so good that I'm willing to guarantee a 2 person limit of largemouth bass (10) or 50 fish of any species in a full day trip from now until Thanksgiving. You pay a $150 deposit - and if we don't get 10 bass or 50 fish of any species, you don't owe any balance. This is the time to take the kid, wife, elderly, tournament fishermen, or even that person who is a jinx when it comes to fishing. If you decide to take me up on it, we will go for numbers until we reach the limit or you tell me you're ready to look for bigger fish. Then, I'll do my best to make you famous and put your picture on my Facebook page. The majority of fish we catch won't be big, but some are - and most are good eating size. Most people don't keep largemouths, but we're allowed 5 bass per person under 16 inches. We're also allowed 25 white bass or crappie per person (over 10 inches) and all yellow bass are legal. We shouldn't have any problem getting enough legal fish to make some meals. If we quit early, I'll even clean the fish. But (thankfully) most people just release everything or take them home so we have more time to fish.

Monday is my favorite day for fishing since there is no traffic on the lake. I'm writing this report on a Monday. The weather is beautiful, the fish are biting, and I'm sitting in front of my computer instead of being on the lake. I looked at my schedule and currently I don't have any Mondays booked for the rest of the season.

So, I decided to do a Monday promotional discount. If you fish with me from now through the end of the year on a Monday, I'm offering a $50/discount (discount won't show on my calendar). That's $150 off what most guides are charging these days. If you need to justify it with the wife, tell her it's for charity. I have 2 kids that need braces yesterday - and I don't get paid when I don't have work.

Book your trip online at

I do mostly short-notice trips this time of the year. If you go to my calendar and book a trip for tomorrow, then I will take you out tomorrow. Take advantage of my open schedule and short-notice availability. Check the forecast and book your short notice trip. It's not too late to book for this week.


We're catching most of our fish on spoons, drop shots, and C-rigs in 14 to 25 feet of water. The fishing has been better when I've found them as shallow as 14 feet. But most days the deep fish aren't that shallow. As a general rule, after we get a good cold front, they move shallower and I'm catching them under 20 feet. Then, after a warming trend (or big tournament), they tend to go deeper and I may be doing good to find them in 25 feet.
But I've been able to find good groups of white bass and barfish (yellow bass) every trip. We can throw spoons or tailspinners in those and catch up to 50 or 60 an hour. We can fish C-rigs and drop shots and catch some good largemouths in some of the same locations.

If we fish around the grass, we can usually catch 7-10 fish an hour on soft plastics, and they are all largemouths. But when you're having 50 fish an hour action in the deep water, 7-10 fish in an hour isn't so exciting, even though they are the right species. So, I've been fishing deep most of my day.


I try to post a couple of pictures to my Facebook page every trip. So keeping up with that page is a much better report than what I can do in front of my computer at home. If you follow my Facebook page (actually, the Facebook term is "like"), you can get my posts without delay. I often post pictures as soon as we catch them - and almost always post the same day. So if you see several big fish in the same day, you can rest assured the fishing is good then. If you wait until I post a fishing report, you can be sure that it has slowed down enough for me to leave the lake. Go to and click the "like" option to get the posts.


Here are a few of the things that I put on the Facebook Page:

1) Pictures of clients holding fish (of course)
2) Pictures of landscapes around the lake.

3) Pictures and videos of wildlife around the lake

4) Fishing Reports

5) Updates about pages on my website

6) Updates when someone catches a giant bass on Fork

7) Basslog information

I plan to query the basslog at least once a month and post my results on Facebook. So, if you want to know the best baits to be using (for example) or you just like to see statistics, then you should "like" the Facebook page so you can get instant updates.

The link to remember for my Facebook page is But now you don't have to remember that because you can just go to any page on and you will find the feed.

Be sure to "like" the page so you can get the information as soon as it gets posted.

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Good fishing and good luck. You can't catch them if you don't go.

Lake Fork Fishing Guide Richie White

Lake Fork Fishing Guide