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Updated 9/28/2015

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Lake Fork had a great spawn this spring. In fact, 2015 may be the best spawn Lake Fork has seen since it was impounded. We had several years of low water, so the weeds and brush grew thick on the bank. Then, it went from over 7 feet low in February to a foot high in May. So all that brush and weed got covered up and gave the bass plenty of cover to thrive. Now, we have more bass in the 6 to 10 inch range than I can recall ever seeing. The future of Lake Fork looks better than ever.
According to TPWD, bass grow 4-6 inches in the first year and 8-12 inches in the second year. Lake Fork is definitely a special lake because these fish are already eating 6" worms and 3/4 oz lures, and I'm pretty sure they are only 5-6 months old.

We also apparently had a great shad and yellow bass (barfish) spawn. I'm seeing big balls of shad just about every where I look and I'm finding more tiny yellow bass than I recall seeing in a long time. Yet, I don't think the white bass had such a good spawn. There are still tons of them from last year and previous years. But I'm not seeing the tiny white bass that I saw last year. Almost every white bass I'm catching this year is a keeper. Last year, we could catch 300 of them in a trip and most would be about 6-9 inches long. This year, those fish are in the 12 inch range, and the older ones are pushing 3 pounds. On my last few trips, the majority of the white bass we caught averaged about 2 pounds. What a blast!

I'm optimistic that in a couple of years most of the white bass we're seeing now will die out and the largemouths will once again be the primary schooling fish. But I like to see my clients to catch fish - and I don't mind taking a bunch white bass off the hook. So I will fish for them. In the Fall, I typically target the deep spots where the majority of fish are white and yellow bass. Normally there will be some big bass feeding with them (or on them). On my last few trips, I got into some big schools of fish. We were throwing my homemade spoons and catching 2-3 pound white bass most every cast. In those schools, we got some 5-7 pound bass and several catfish up to 14 pounds.

I still have lots of openings in October and November. Those are without a doubt the best 2 months of the year for numbers. It is definitely the best time to take a beginner or child. Most of my Saturdays are booked, so book ASAP if you want one in the Fall. I just opened up Sundays for afternoon 1/2 day trips. I don't normally do trips on Sundays because I go to church AM and PM. But this year, I have a new boat payment and both kids need braces - and my 15yo braniac son is a senior in hs. So, I am offering 12:15 PM to 5:15 PM trips between services for additional income.

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