To supplement a seasonal business and allow his wife to homeschool the kids, Richie created White Family Services. This business unites the diverse strengths of all 4 members of Richie's household to find solutions to your needs. We have minimal overhead and beaurocracy, enabling us to finish projects in the time it takes to get started with other tech businesses. Act now, and our labor rate is currently only $25/hour for the duration of your project.


Lake Fork Fishing Guide Richie White

Lake Fork Fishing Guide Richie White has put together a wealth of information on Lake Fork and on Bass Fishing since the creation of in 1995. Richie has been a full-time guide since 1990. In 1994, he graduated from college and his guiding took a back seat as he pursued a profession in database and website technology.
After 6 years of corporate database programming experience, he got his loans paid off and moved back to the lake area and got back into full-time guiding. Since 2002, he has been utilizing both his guiding and his database experience to make what it is today. This site has been completely redesigned about every 3-4 years. The latest redesign is in 2017, primarily to accomodate mobile visitors and promote fishing videos. is a website that combines big bass pictures and videos, bass fishing articles and tips, Lake Fork seasonal patterns and information pages, fishing reports, a sight fishing ebook, an online client booking system, and even an interactive online bass fishing log.

This site is organized in a way that you can go directly to any page - or you can click the next button (below every article) and navigate your way through the entire site. There is so much information, bookmark it and visit it when you have a lot of time on your hands. Richie's latest obsession is fishing videos of his clients catching fish. He put up his first video around the year 2000 - and almost nobody had the internet speed to watch it. Times have changed. Video technology is finally here where even an amateur photographing fishing guide has the potential to put out something worth watching. Visit the site regularly to see how much Richie can improve his videos and learn from all his video recording mistakes.

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