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Advanced Sight Fishing for Bass


Richie White is a professional fishing guide on Lake Fork Texas. He has been fishing the lake since the 1980s and started guiding in 1990. Fishing more than two hundred days a year on quite possibly the best big bass lake in the country has given him the experience necessary to know where to find bass and how to catch them. Additionally, because the bulk of his fishing days are during the spawn, White has earned the status of an expert in the field of sight fishing for bedding bass. As a fishing guide, Richie gets booked for the spring over a year in advance because his clients recognize and value his expertise in this area.

And Richie's clients are not the only ones to take note of his sight fishing skill. The In Fisherman has aired episodes featuring his sight fishing technique. Richie not only fishes for bedding bass almost every day from the end of February through the middle of May, but he also often catches bedding fish on the power plant lakes in the months of November, December, January, and February. Even when fishing for pre-spawn or post-spawn bass is the most productive pattern, Richie admittedly fishes for bedding bass, which gives him a longer sight fishing season each year and considerably more experience in this art than most fishermen attain.

As a guide who takes hundreds of fishermen out every year, Richie knows what most fishermen tend to do wrong and how to show you the right techniques for successful bed fishing. If you can learn to avoid getting into bad sight fishing habits, you can become a much better bed fisherman. Richie, the creator of, has the most popular big bass picture site on the Internet. If you go to any search engine and search for "big bass pictures", you will see Richie's photo album of his clients holding big fish.

Richie created the first (and only) book completely devoted to sight fishing for bass. He doesn't want the general public to know all his techniques because they will eventually compete for the same fish and fishing spots. So, he made the book for his clients and those willing to pay the price.
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