To supplement a seasonal business and allow his wife to homeschool the kids, Richie created White Family Services. This business unites the diverse strengths of all 4 members of Richie's household to find solutions to your needs. We have minimal overhead and beaurocracy, enabling us to finish projects in the time it takes to get started with other tech businesses. Act now, and our labor rate is currently only $25/hour for the duration of your project.


What do you get for the fisherman who has everything?
If he really likes to fish, chances are he already has all the equipment he needs.
Have you considered a trip with a guide? As a full-time professional fishing guide, I am on the lake over 200 days a year. I keep up with the fishing patterns that are constantly changing - and have experience with the latest techniques, lures, and equipment. I can help a kid catch his first fish or I can help the experienced angler improve upon what he already knows.
I make personalized gift certificates. Once I receive payment and the recipient's name, I will email you a personalized gift certificate that you can print on your printer.
Guided trips are for 2 people, so the recipient can also take a partner. The certificate will say something like:
"This certificate entitles John Doe and a partner to a full-day guided trip with Professional Guide Richie White".
To purchase a gift certificate, contact me using the phone or email to the right.
For more info, go to the guide info page.

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