To supplement a seasonal business and allow his wife to homeschool the kids, Richie created White Family Services. This business unites the diverse strengths of all 4 members of Richie's household to find solutions to your needs. We have minimal overhead and beaurocracy, enabling us to finish projects in the time it takes to get started with other tech businesses. Act now, and our labor rate is currently only $25/hour for the duration of your project.


Group Trips

I can make arrangements to accommodate large numbers of clients. Advance notice will be required in order to coordinate other professional guides. Call or email with your request and we can discuss the details.

Package Deals

During certain times of the year, I will offer discounts on multiple days.
Call or email me at the address on the right for more information.
I do not provide lodging. However, there are many lodges around the lake and because of the shape of the lake and the number of bridges, you can stay anywhere on the lake and be less than 20 minutes from the launch. A list of motels can be found from the home page.

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