To supplement a seasonal business and allow his wife to homeschool the kids, Richie created White Family Services. This business unites the diverse strengths of all 4 members of Richie's household to find solutions to your needs. We have minimal overhead and beaurocracy, enabling us to finish projects in the time it takes to get started with other tech businesses. Act now, and our labor rate is currently only $25/hour for the duration of your project.


Ever since my first guide trip in 1990, I have guaranteed fish - and I have every intention of continuing that guarantee as long as I'm a fishing guide. In fact, I will even guarantee largemouth bass on a half day trip on a cold water lake using artificial baits during the coldest part of the year. I don't think there is another guide in the country with that guarantee!
However, I don't want my guarantee to interfere with your quest to catch big bass or require you to fish patterns that you don't want to fish. And the truth is - there is always a sacrifice of quantity for quality. You probably won't catch the bass of a lifetime while fishing for numbers. Likewise, you aren't likely to catch good numbers while fishing for the fish of a lifetime.
I will try to figure out what you want and do my best to find that happy medium between putting fish in the boat and catching quality fish. My goal is to take pictures of clients with big fish every trip. However, if we don't put fish in the boat in the first hour or so, I will probably start scaling down and slowing down to make sure we catch fish. And I will continue to finesse fish until we put fish in the boat or you stop me and let me know you are out for quality fish and are willing to sacrifice the guarantee. I do guarantee fish, but I can't always guarantee big fish. If you want to fish for big fish the entire trip, you need to let me know your desires as soon as possible, so I don't waste your time fishing for smaller fish just to cover my guarantee.

In the past, I always put a stipulation that you had to fish when it was 65 degree water and you had to fish sunup to sundown. That was a good way to make sure that I covered my guarantee. But the truth is - if I ever take clients out without a fish, I want another shot at giving them a good trip. So, I'm willing to guarantee fish even on a half day - and even when we aren't expected to have good fishing conditions.

So, here's my guarantee:
If in the unlikely event that no fish are caught using my gear and my recommendations, we will reschedule a half-day trip at both of our convenience. If no fish are caught on the half day either, you owe nothing. In any event, your deposit is non-refundable and necessary to cover my expenses.

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