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Summer Fishing for Bass

Published on September 13, 2010

The Basslog is just so full of information that it would be impossible to write articles that would give the greatest level of detail specific to your conditions. The information that I've shown in the last two articles is just a small portion of what you can get yourself by using the custom search option. From the custom search option, you can search lake, month, water clarity, water temperature and sky condition. With those conditions, you can see four different outputs.

The gameplan query shows what lures, depth, cover and structure you should use for each time period of the day — all based on the lake, month, water clarity, water temperature and/or sky condition you enter.
The top locations query shows the top 10 structure and depth combinations as well as the best cover for those conditions — based on your search criteria.

The top lures query shows the top lure categories for your criteria, while the specific top lures gets into the specific lures and colors for your criteria. Additionally, all those options can be shown for either quantity or quality.

Since you can query the database yourself, I'm not going to attempt to list all the options. However, I will give a sample of a more detailed query. Since most people fish different lakes, I will leave out the lake and show how you (according to the Basslog) should fish differently in September depending on your water temperature.

As you can see from this sampling, 20 degrees makes a huge difference in the month of September. You can search the database yourself and determine how you should be fishing your local waters.

Check back often as I will be adding more articles and also some new features to the Basslog.

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