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Dominates other lakes

Lake Fork dominates the Texas Top 50 list, especially at the top. In fact, out of the top 15 bass, only 3 bass didn't come from Fork. That's quite a statistic, especially since Texas has so many great bass lakes.

What makes it so good for bass?

Lake Fork has 27,000 acres of prime habitat. Since its impoundment in 1980, the TPWD has done an awesome job of creating and maintaining it as a big bass factory. It is continuously stocked with pure Florida-strain largemouth bass. It has a bunch of ponds that were stocked before the lake filled. Those ponds now make great fishing structures and ambush points. It also has lots of timber, hydrilla, millfoil, floating grass, cattails, and lily pads. In addition to that, it has a bunch of roads, islands, creek channels, boat docks, boat ramps, beaver huts, points, and humps.
Lake Fork has a slot limit that requires all bass between 16 and 24 inches to be released. Because of that (and the fact that most people release all big fish), Lake Fork has a huge population of adult bass.

What makes it so good for us?

Lake Fork is very convenient. Being only 2 hours from DFW airport and 1 1/2 hours from Dallas, it isn't difficult to get there. It's less than 30 minutes from cities in all directions. It has a ton of guides, boat ramps, marinas, motels, boat repair facilities, and stores. It has bridges that run all over it, so no place is very far from anywhere else. It also has lots of coves, so there is always somewhere to get out of the wind. It rarely gets below freezing in the winter - and night fishing is always an option when it's too hot. It never closes for seasons - and there's lots of times when you can practically have the lake to yourself (like most Mondays).

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