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Bank fishing can sometimes be even better than fishing out of a boat. There are some definite advantages of fishing from the bank. For one, you can keep the bait in the strike zone longer. Bass use the shoreline as an ambush point. If you are fishing from a boat, it isn't as easy to keep a bait parallel to the bank as it is from the bank. It's funny, people fishing from a boat are always trying to fish where only the bank fishermen can reach, while the bank fishermen are wishing they could fish where the boats are fishing.

On Lake Fork, there are lots of places that are good bank fishing spots. Anywhere you have a boat ramp, you have good potential. Usually, deep water is around the boat ramps, and you will always find different types of cover (cement, rocks, grass, docks, etc.) around them. Bridges are also good places to fish from the bank. The inside of bridges usually have deep water around. Boat docks and piers also make good fishing. Lake Fork has several of them.

The number 5 bass in Texas (at the time) was caught by Troy Coates from the bank. It weighed over 17 pounds and was caught at night in February. He also caught another fish over 14 pounds from the bank. Considering how many people fish from boats on Lake Fork, it could be that your odds of catching a record fish are better from the bank.
There are some disadvantages as well due to bank fishing. Once you get to fishing, a fully functional bass boat is much more comfortable than fishing from the bank. Also, you can get to places in a boat that would be impossible without one. But the main disadvantage is that you are more likely to lose a lot of lures that you could retrieve if you were in a boat. However, the cost to own a boat is so great, you can afford to lose a ton of lures if you choose not to be a boat owner. Don't expect to save money by getting a boat. If it has a motor, it has an expense.
I recommend approaching the area very quietly when bank fishing. Your first cast is usually your best chance to get a bass off-guard. Look for the area where the deepest water touches the shallow water. Try casting parallel to the bank, especially on the first cast. Fish as shallow as possible and work your way deeper. On Lake Fork, the water temp will usually be from 45 degrees in the winter to 90 degrees in the summer. Expect the action to be best when temps are over 60 and under 85. If you can go by yourself, you will probably have better luck than if you are part of a group. The more time you put in and the more spots you fish, the better you will do. Expect lake fishing to be much slower than pond fishing. Lake Fork will sometimes humble even the best anglers. Good luck!

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