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Richie White's Basslog


In 2003, Richie White created the Basslog, an online database where fishermen collaborate to recognize patterns in bass fishing. The Basslog consists of a series of drop-down boxes where registered users can select all the conditions, lure details, etc. for a given catch. The database can then be queried to determine the best baits, depth, structure, cover, etc. for a given time period in a given month on a given body of water.

After a year or so in use, Bassmaster purchased the rights to the Basslog (BASSlog at the time) and promoted it throughout the time ESPN owned Bassmaster. Under the ownership of Bassmaster, the BASSlog was well promoted and got a significant user base. However, we never got past the bureaucracy to send reminder emails to the users each week to regularly record their catches. So, we didn't get the posts that we should have under Bassmaster.
When ESPN sold Bassmaster, the new owners didn't have the budget for the Basslog. So, complete ownership was given back. Now, reminder emails are sent out each week, and the Basslog is getting more posts than it did under Bassmaster.
While under Bassmaster ownership, Richie was on staff to write articles about data from the Basslog and his experience as a professional fishing guide (called the BASSlog Blog).
The following articles are from the Basslog Blog. Click the "Next" link to see the next article.

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